Today’s business world is forcing network engineers to move  up the ladder, of OSI Layers, and take application centric approach. ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Big Data’, and ‘Cloud Computing’ are no longer just buzz-words. Organizations and Governments are adopting to these evolving technologies with accelerated pace.

Network Programmability, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and Application Centric Infrastructures are no longer optional modules for network professionals. And it is high time that they start investing their time and efforts to keep them aligned with this industrial revolution.

Cisco is once more leading the way to build the workforce capable of moving with these changes through the evolution of its certification programs. The company has announced new framework for its expert level certifications and, beginning July 25, 2016, revising all CCIE and CCDE written exams with the addition of ‘evolving technologies’ domain.

Changes to the Expert-Level (CCIE/CCDE) programs will enable candidates to bridge their core technology expertise with knowledge of the evolving technologies that organizations are adopting at an accelerated pace, such as cloud, IoT, and network programmability.

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