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Tablet War Begins – Apple, Motorola or Blackberry ?

The year 2011 began with manufacturers competing with each other in a relatively new battle field – The War of Tablet PC’s. Apple Inc. introduced its iPad Tablet in 2010 and gained high popularity in the consumer market, but Apple’s a few key features like Built-in Camera and Flash Player.

Now Motorola and Blackberry decided to jump into the market with more powerful devices. Motorola joined hands with Google and will soon announce the all new Android 3.0 (HoneyComb) enabled Tablet PC named Motorola Xoom. Blackberry also almost completed the work on BlackBerry Amplified and will announce its Dual Core Tablet named BlackBerry Playbook later in the first Quarter of 2011.

Both PlayBook and Xoom features Dual Core Processor, 1 GB Ram, and Double Cameras with flash support. Apple sighting the tougher competition in 2011 and working hard on the 2nd version of iPad with all new features.

Let’s see who will win the hearts of Consumers and lead the Tablet PC industry..






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