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CCNP Voice – Required Exams and their Prices for Pakistan

Do you have completed your CCNA certification and now focusing to carry on with the Voice track of Cisco Certifications? Here is the list (as of August 2011) of exams that you would be required to give to become CCNP Voice Certified (Formerly was known as CCVP). The price of each exam for Pakistan is also mentioned:

CCNP Voice Prerequisites (CCNA Voice)

640-461 ICOMM v8.0

Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration v8.0


 CCNP Voice Exams (Former CCVP)

642-437 CVOICE v8.0

Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS v8.0 (CVOICE v8.0)


642-447 CIPT1 v8.0

Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 1 v8.0 (CIPT1 v8.0)


642-457 CIPT2 v8.0

Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 v8.0 (CIPT2 v8.0)


642-427 TVOICE v8.0

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications v8.0 (TVOICE v8.0)


642-467 CAPPS v8.0

Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications v8.0 (CAPPS v8.0)


Therefore, the total package for CCNP Voice certification (not to mention the cost of  preparation material) will be $1,250 only. Just checked the exchange rates from (Selling rate is Rs.87/dollar), $1,250 will be around Rs. 108,750.

Quite a bit of an amount for a student to pull together. I suggest, it’s better to join any Cisco Partner after graduation and handover this burden of Certification cost to that organization.

I’m looking to do the same … !!!


VoIP and Convergence Certification Programs

Communications technologies are evolving and becoming integrated into single IP-based delivery solutions, referred to as converged technologies. These technologies can include Voice over IP (VoIP), data communications, video and broadcast multi-media, messaging and wireless. There is a growing demand for networking professionals with solid skills and knowledge of these converged solutions. Those with certifications in this arena will be well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in this growth industry.

VoIP and Convergence Certification Options

Cisco Systems

As a leader in Voice over IP (VoIP) and convergent solutions, Cisco’s voice networking certificates are a valuable asset for those working in this field. Cisco offers three levels of certifications: Cisco Certified Networking Associate – Voice (CCNA-Voice), Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCNP Voice) and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – Voice (CCIE – Voice).


CompTIA Convergence+ is a vendor-neutral certification that covers a comprehensive range of networking topics related to VoIP and convergent technologies. This certification is well-respected in the industry and is an ideal certification anyone working with convergent technologies or who wants to move into this field.


Vendor-specific certifications are also offered by other providers such as Avaya and Nortel.

Certification Benefits

  • Job Opportunities – Certificate holders in this high-growth field will be able to compete for interesting, well-paid positions in desirable companies.
  • Employer Recognition– Gaining certification in this challenging field will demonstrate that a person is both committed and capable and would be a good choice for VoIP and convergence opportunities within their company.
  • Enhanced Productivity – The knowledge needed to earn a VoIP or convergence certification will ensure a network professional will be able to perform their job effectively.

Choosing a Certification

For network professionals working with VoIP and convergent technologies, choosing a certification should be guided by a few considerations:

  • Level of Experience – For networking professionals who are not yet working with voice and convergent technologies, the vendor-neutral CompTIA Convergence+ certification may be the best place to start.
  • Job Market – For those getting ready to look for a new position, checking to see what certifications are listed in job postings may be a good way to determine the best certificate to pursue.
  • Current Position – Choosing a certification that is applicable to one’s current role or to the next step up is a good choice for people not looking to make a major career move.


Cisco Professional Tracks! Which one to Follow?

[Post Update] Revised Exam prices for Pakistan tabulated below.

So you have passed your CCNA exam and is now thinking to take a step forward and jump into Professional Studies of Cisco Networking. First allow me to congratulate you for your effort, you deserve at least a little applause (Don’t be amused guys; I am addressing the Pakistani students, it’s still not very common here).

For a person who is planning to make his career in networking industry, the decision of doing the CCNA is very obvious and it is the first advice you get from your guides. But after that, when you plan to target Professional level of certification, the choice of selecting the track is so cumbersome and so exhausting that it almost kills you.

Because Cisco has now introduced so many tracks and all of them are so demanding and so attractive that you will stuck in the jungle of choices. For once you would start thinking to grab them all.  To ease that decision a little, I have compiled this post to present a summary of professional tracks, their associated exams, and price lists for Pakistan (as of today – February, 2012)

For the Complete list of Cisco Certification tracks visit

CCNP  – The Traditional Routing and Switching Path

642-902 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) $ 200
642-813 SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) $ 200
642-832 TSHOOT Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) $ 200

CCIP – Service Provider Path

642-902 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) $ 200
642-642 QOS Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) $ 150
642-691 BGP+MPLS Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP)
Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS)
$ 150

CCNP Voice – Voice Path

640-461 ICOMM Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration v8.0 $ 250
642-437 CVOICE Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE v8.0) $ 200
642-447 CIPT1 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 1 $ 200
642-467 CAPPS Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications $ 200
642-457 CIPT2 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 2 $ 200
642-427 TVOICE Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications $ 200

CCDP – The Design Path

640-864 DESGN Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions $ 150
642-902 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) $ 200
642-813 SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) $ 200
642-874 ARCH Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures $ 200

CCNP Security – The Security Path

640-553 IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security $ 250
642-637 SECURE Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches $ 150
642-617 FIREWALL Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions $ 150
642-647 VPN Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions $ 150
642-627 IPS Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System $ 150

The exam prices for all exams as given on the Pearson VUE website are:

Cisco 642-426-CCVP Video Training

Cisco 642-426-CCVP Video Training
English | WMV/WMV1, 2500 kb/s, 640Ч480, 29.97 fps
WMA, 96 kb/s, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch | 11 hrs | 1.87 GB

Are you ready for a training rocket ride? Then hang on while ace trainer Jeremy Cioara brings you the entire range of voice topics. In no time, you”ll be mending most of the common voice problems you”re likely to encounter.This training is a “best-of” series that combines all the other VoIP series into one. Jeremy provides you with practical scenarios demonstrating real world problems and solutions. He also demonstrates troubleshooting in both CallManager 4 (the Windows version) and 6 (the Linux version). Plus, he explains many concepts that fill in the gaps if you don”t have experience with some of the prerequisite information.

Mirror (FileSonic – FSn)

Mirror (FileServe – FS)

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