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Cisco Live Virtual | Free On-Demand Trainings and Technical Sessions

In conjunction with the Cisco Live Events, which runs through-out the year at different places, Cisco Systems Inc.  has introduced to host hundreds of sessions, key note speeches, and trainings online which were being delivered in those events. And the good thing is, that the contents (which include Presentation Slides, Tutorial Videos) are free to access for everyone. Following is the message posted on website’s homepage:

Cisco Live Virtual brings together IT, Networking, Communications professionals and Cisco experts from more than 195 countries to collaborate, share and learn. You can access over 1,600 on-demand technical training sessions, keynotes, and Super Sessions, interact with peers and experts in live webcasts, chat, blogs and social media, play games and win prizes, and more. Access is FREE, so register now for instant access to this exciting global community.

Below you can have a glance of the wide variety of sessions available in their catalog. I’ve Just expanded the Certifications (CRT) and Service Provider General (SPG) tabs to give you an idea how many sessions are accessible under each category. (Hundreds of them).

2011-2012 Session Catalog

Networkers  Program  
  Certifications (CRT)
    BRKCCIE-1001: Cisco Data Center/Storage Certification
    BRKCCIE-3242: CCIE Voice: Cryptography in Cisco Unified Communications
    BRKCCIE-3345: The CCIE Candidates Introduction to MPLS L3VPN Networks
    BRKCCIE-4200: CCIE Service Provider Operations
    BRKCRT-1160: CCNP Security: Securing Networks with ASA VPNs – CCNP Security Exam Preparation (VPN v1.0)
    BRKCRT-3133: CCNP Security: IPSv7.0 Exam Prep
    BRKCRT-3214: How to Prepare for Wireless Security (IAUWS) CCNP Exam
    BRKCRT-3217: How to Prepare for the Tshoot CCNP Exam
    BRKCRT-3329: Sun Tzu: CCIE R&S and the Art of Troubleshooting – The Campaign
    BRKCRT-3335: Mastering IP Subnetting Forever!
  Cisco on Cisco  
  Data Center & Virtualization  
  Network Infrastructure & Systems  
  Partner Case Studies  
  Unified Communications & Collaboration  
Cisco Developer Network  
  Cisco Developer Network (CDN)  
IT Management Program  
  IT Management (ITM)  
Service Provider Program  
  Optical, Carrier Ethernet, Policy Control (OPT)  
  Service Provider General (SPG)
    BRKSPG-1303: Evolution of Subscriber Aggregation in Service Provider Residential Networks
    BRKSPG-1403: IT Transformed: The Impact of Energy & Sustainability Trends
    BRKSPG-1701: The Networks Role in Cloud
    BRKSPG-2051: Evolution of Service Provider Edge Architectures
    BRKSPG-2111: The NGN Carrier Ethernet System : Technologies, Architecture and Deployment Models
    BRKSPG-2170: Synchronization in Packet-Based Networks
    BRKSPG-2202: Understanding the Benefits of Ethernet OAM
    BRKSPG-2204: Building Carrier Ethernet Services Using Cisco Ethernet Virtual Circuit Framework
    BRKSPG-2206: Towards Massively Scalable Ethernet: Technologies and Standards
    BRKSPG-2207: Redundancy Mechanisms for Carrier Ethernet and Layer 2 VPN Services
    BRKSPG-2208: Dynamic Ethernet Service Activation (DESA)
    BRKSPG-2209: Designing Access Network With the ME3600X and ME3800X
    BRKSPG-2305: Service Orchestration and Architecture for Multi-Tenant IaaS Cloud Computing Services
    BRKSPG-2401: Cisco EnergyWise Fundamentals: The Network as the Platform for Energy Management
    BRKSPG-2402: Best Practices to Deploy High-Availability in Service Provider Edge and Aggregation Architectures
    BRKSPG-2403: Cisco EnergyWise Deployment and Practices
    BRKSPG-2405: Advanced Scaling for Core and Edge Networks
    BRKSPG-2501: Troubleshooting Cisco CMTS Based Services
    BRKSPG-2502: Deploying Business Services over DOCSIS
    BRKSPG-2602: IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6 for Service Providers
    BRKSPG-2603: How to Securely Operate an IPv6 Network
    BRKSPG-3304: Subscriber Aware Ethernet: Traditional Broadband over Next-Generation Carrier Ethernet Networks
  Service Provider Video (SPV)  
General Sessions  
  General Sessions  
Cisco Technical Session Series  
  CSC Expert Series  

Cisco Collaboration Workshop

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