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VoIP and Convergence Certification Programs

Communications technologies are evolving and becoming integrated into single IP-based delivery solutions, referred to as converged technologies. These technologies can include Voice over IP (VoIP), data communications, video and broadcast multi-media, messaging and wireless. There is a growing demand for networking professionals with solid skills and knowledge of these converged solutions. Those with certifications in this arena will be well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in this growth industry.

VoIP and Convergence Certification Options

Cisco Systems

As a leader in Voice over IP (VoIP) and convergent solutions, Cisco’s voice networking certificates are a valuable asset for those working in this field. Cisco offers three levels of certifications: Cisco Certified Networking Associate – Voice (CCNA-Voice), Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCNP Voice) and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – Voice (CCIE – Voice).


CompTIA Convergence+ is a vendor-neutral certification that covers a comprehensive range of networking topics related to VoIP and convergent technologies. This certification is well-respected in the industry and is an ideal certification anyone working with convergent technologies or who wants to move into this field.


Vendor-specific certifications are also offered by other providers such as Avaya and Nortel.

Certification Benefits

  • Job Opportunities – Certificate holders in this high-growth field will be able to compete for interesting, well-paid positions in desirable companies.
  • Employer Recognition– Gaining certification in this challenging field will demonstrate that a person is both committed and capable and would be a good choice for VoIP and convergence opportunities within their company.
  • Enhanced Productivity – The knowledge needed to earn a VoIP or convergence certification will ensure a network professional will be able to perform their job effectively.

Choosing a Certification

For network professionals working with VoIP and convergent technologies, choosing a certification should be guided by a few considerations:

  • Level of Experience – For networking professionals who are not yet working with voice and convergent technologies, the vendor-neutral CompTIA Convergence+ certification may be the best place to start.
  • Job Market – For those getting ready to look for a new position, checking to see what certifications are listed in job postings may be a good way to determine the best certificate to pursue.
  • Current Position – Choosing a certification that is applicable to one’s current role or to the next step up is a good choice for people not looking to make a major career move.



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